Our Services

Our Services

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Community development services are offered to both public and private sectors and


  • Town Planning

  • Infrastructure Planning

  • Subdivision Design (residential and industrial)

  • Survey Services

  • On-site Servicing

  • Economic Development Strategies

  • Market Research

  • Feasibility Studies


Stewart Engineering Limited offers professional and technical expertise in Cadastral

(legal), development, construction and control surveys.


Services are provided by Stewart Engineering Limited for a wide range of projects

through its integrated team of professionals. The team provides consultancy services for

residential and commercial buildings, Industrial warehouses, institutional and similar

building projects to ensure project success.

Projects undertaken include:

  1. Presentation Drawings

* Preliminary plans and designs

* 3D Plans and elevations

* As Built Drawings.

  1. Working Drawings and Design

* Final plans and designs

* Buildings (offices/commercial, schools, hospitals, pavilions, houses, etc.

* Final 3D Plans and elevations.


Engineering Services are provided by Stewart Engineering Limited through its integrated

team of professionals for construction projects. The team includes civil, structural and

geotechnical engineers, plus the necessary support staff, who together, ensure project


Projects undertaken include:

  1. Foundation Engineering

* Sub-soil investigation

* Interpretation of surveys

* Design of various foundation types; rafts, piles, strip footings, etc.

  1. Structural Analysis and Design

* Buildings (offices/commercial, schools, hospitals, pavilions, houses etc.

* Municipal and Industrial Structures

* Bridges


Services ranging from planning and economic analyses to the design and construction

administration of roads, marine and aviation facilities are provided.

* Roads and Highways

– Geometrical design of vertical and horizontal alignment

– Engineering design of road surfaces

– Bridges

– Footpaths

– Testing supervision of construction materials

– Transportation management

* Marine Facilities

– Design, supervision and interpretation of coastal and marine

Geotechnical and hydrographic surveys

– Design and programming of dredging and reclamation works to produce

appropriate standards of completed ground

– Design of sea walls, erosion protection work and reclamation edge

treatment to suit local state conditions

– Design of foundations for large or sensitive structures in reclamation sites

– Design quays, cargo and container handling jetties, ferry piers as well as

other marine frontages and port facilities

* Aviation Facilities

– Airport Planning, Design and Construction


Stewart Engineering Limited provides specialist services in the planning, design and

operation of waste disposal facilities and in the multi-disciplinary activities associated

with environmental services.

Areas of activity are:

* Waste Management Planning

* Landfill Design

* Contaminant Hydrogeology

* Environmental Impact Assessment

* Air, Water and Land Monitoring

– Air Pollution Control

– Raw Water Treatment Studies

– Solid Waste Management


Services in Water Resources Engineering are offered in the following categories:

* Watershed Management

* Surface and Groundwater Hydrology

* Raw Water Source and Quality Assessment

* Water Treatment, Storage and Distribution

* River Engineering

* Intakes, Outfalls and other Hydraulic Structures

* Urban Rainfall and Runoff Analyses

* Drainage and Storm-water Management

* Irrigation Works and Studies

* Monitoring and Field Services


Project Management Services offered by Stewart Engineering Limited cover every stage

of a project from conceptualization to implementation, and include:

* Analysis and Design

– Project Definition

– Progress Assessment, Technical and Economic Needs

– Initial Surveys and Analyses

– Resource Studies

– Site and Location Analyses

– Geotechnical Survey and Analyses

– Economic and Financial Analyses

– Preliminary and Detailed Design

* Contract Administration

– Drawings and Contract Documents

– Selection of tenders, invitation and evaluation of tenders

– Project Scheduling and Contract Administration

– Specification and Procurement

– Quality Assurance

– Technical Inspection

– “As built” construction drawings and records

– Cost and Budget Control