UWI Open Campus Expansion

UWI Open Campus Expansion


We recently did some work for UWI Open Campus Expansion. Please see below.


Richland Park Early Childhood Development Center

See the pictures below for the work we did at Richland Park Early Childhood Development Center.

Gas Station – Banfield

Banfield Service Station – Consist of design for Fuel Tanks, Service Station and Reinforce Concrete Building for Service Station Mini Mart and Supplies.

Mesopotamia Satellite Warehouse

The Satellite Warehouse is a reinforced concrete building designed to contain critical goods and equipment that will be required for any destructive climatic event. The buildings will also serve as local control centers for the storage and distribution of emergency supplies.


Project: REIGATE Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent Brief description: The design includes a Four Story building with underground car parking, Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The foundations and main structure are constructed of reinforced concrete spread footings and strip footings, all structurally integrated with reinforced concrete tie beams.