Water Resources and Irrigation

Water Resources and Irrigation


Services in Water Resources Engineering are offered in the following categories:

* Watershed Management

* Surface and Groundwater Hydrology

* Raw Water Source and Quality Assessment

* Water Treatment, Storage and Distribution

* River Engineering

* Intakes, Outfalls and other Hydraulic Structures

* Urban Rainfall and Runoff Analyses

* Drainage and Storm-water Management

* Irrigation Works and Studies

* Monitoring and Field Services

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Projects worked on:

  1. St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited – Hydrometric Network.
  2. VINLEC Richmond Hydro Power Station Headworks.
  3. Orange Hill Estate Irrigation Feasibility Study.
  4. Cumberland Hydro Project Study.
  5. Kingstown Drainage Realignment, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.